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About Televeto

Friendly professional care

The idea of Televeto was born during the Covid crisis, which particularly affected people and their animals. It was difficult to maintain contact and the need to see a veterinary was important.

Televeto decided to create this application to allow all pets owner easy access with veterinary.

Thanks to Televeto, pets owner but also veterinary can easily exchange, have a follow-up and make sure to propose optimal solutions.

10 Years of Experience

Televeto goal is to provide a creative, flexible, and secure platform that facilitates access to all of the veterinary services that a pets owner may require in a single user-friendly platform. This objective can only be achieved through the careful consideration of the satisfaction of our users to improve it in a continuous and sustainable manner.


Vision of Televeto

Years of Experience
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Dr. Damian Doe


Dr. Barron Doe


Dr. Caspar Doe


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