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Televeto.ch is an innovative, adaptable and reliable platform designed to provide access to a wide range of health services for your beloved pets.
10 years of experience

With 10 years of experience in telemedicine, we offer the possibility of accessing veterinary care for animals.

Animal lovers

Pet owners now have access to specially designed telemedicine services for animals, allowing them to receive virtual veterinary care from the comfort of their own hearth.


We have certified veterinarians providing remote veterinary care. Your companions Four-legged pets deserve the best care in the comfort of their own home.

Provide animals with the best possible care.

TeleVeto makes it easy to connect with a pet care expert. You want to know Which dog food is best for your puppy? There is an app for that. YOU want to know why your cat stopped using the litter box? There are virtual veterinarians ready to discuss your cat’s behavior 24/7.

Thanks to TeleVeto, you can schedule teleconsultations and track your patient's medical history. your pet, all from your smartphone or tablet.

The finest four legged care

Veterinary teleconsultation allows your animal to be consulted remotely by your treating veterinarian and to obtain personalized veterinary follow-up. This act of veterinary telemedicine allows you to seek the advice of an animal health professional and a prescription if necessary.

The benefits of animal teleconsultation

Thanks to Televeto you no longer must look for an available veterinarian by making lots of calls. Televeto puts at your disposal veterinarians all over the world, willing to help you with your pet.

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